by Siamese

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Siamese self titled EP


released July 25, 2016

copyright Stumpgrinder Music 2016. All songs written by Siamese except Under the Milky Way authors: Steve Kilbey, Karin Jannson publishers: Universal Music Publishing Group, Music Sales Corporation. All songs recorded by Zach Shipps at RV Audio Lab, Ferndale MI. Photography by Kim Hoxworth



all rights reserved


Siamese Detroit, Michigan

Siamese is Johanna Champagne, Steve Thoel, Angie Kaiser, and Eric Cojocari

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Track Name: White Jacket
I’ve got a war to orchestrate
Thoughts that I interrogate
I’ve got a crush on my mistakes,
And its more than I can take

So burn down my temple
Extricate this mental state
Stab through my temples
Create a pure blank slate

The silence, I welcome it
What my science is not allowing

I’m about to detonate
Track Name: Taming of Laura
Take what you want. Take it from me
Just leave me here with your handwriting
When there’s nothing left you flee the scene
You take what you want and you want everything

There was something I didn’t see
You’re not who I took you to be
The act was so well played
I almost lost myself in your shade

“Let’s move to the beach” you said manically
“Let’s just run away from everything.”
But, we’d make the same mistakes, just with new scenery
So you take what you want unabashedly

There was something I didn’t see
You’re not who you pretend to be
The act was so well played
I’m elastic but still afraid

You act like it’s nothing
You act like I’m nothing

I’m nothing.
Track Name: Paper Marriage
I knew you wanted
I knew you wanted to
You tried to solve it, didn’t you?
If only a sense of guilt ensued
It could’ve saved you

Held down by the weight of a falling star
Ashamed because you’re letting it control you
Let go, you just can’t, though
It’s gone too far
You can’t release the strings that bind and choke you
Track Name: Bats with Baby Faces
You’ll never make it; too obsessed with the fallacy
You embrace it. You’re defined by fragility
You’re a cynic without a viable complaint
Reach until you get it, and then paint a portrait of a saint
The method acting comes so naturally to you
As it’s happening and your spotlight is out in full view
You’ll say it’s a burden. Because all you ever do is complain
You’re just a cynic

Breaking down isn’t as romantic as it sounds. Where is the release?

You’ll never make it. You say that you want to be free
But you’re too dependent on blaming everybody
It’s just your defense. The truth is too hard to receive.
So you fake it
You ignore it

Breaking down isn’t as romantic as it sounds. Where is the release?

I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear.